Top Europe Stock Footage Site 2020

We all know the advantage of a well-placed image in an article or the latest blog, piece or other similar projects. Finding the right video clips and image that suits the subject can be quiet intimidating, especially in the era of copyrights. Of course, you can take your snippets and add it to your price, but life is too short to concentrate on taking an image, rather than marketing your site or blog. Hence, during such times, sites like the European stock footage come into the picture. They have the perfect video clips, and images for both the commercial and personal uses, and the best part- they have no royalty or strings attached, and they’re available free of cost.

We’ve jotted down the top European Stock footage site in this article. Stick around to find out!



They are an application and an online site that provides the best free, royalty-free stock images. The features of this site are:

  • No necessary attribution
  • Great quality videos
  • High-quality footage
  • But no 4K video option available.
  • Premium quality stock videos and pictures in the premium account option.

Stock footage for free

This site is equivalent to another site called Unsplash that provides free stock images and videos, again for both the commercial and personal use. They focus on the quality of the images and videos than stocking their library with the ones without them. Some of their features include

  • Too high-quality videos and images
  • Wide range of subjects
  • Temporary login- payment is mandatory after the free trial if you wish to continue the services.
  • No 4K video and image option available.



Pixabay is a site that is famous for providing its customers with extremely high quality of stock video clips and images in the MP4 format. Although it is renowned for its collection of free stock images, it is also equally useful for the video and video clips. You can even download them and use it for your personal uses, with no harsh strings attached. Some of the heir features include:

  • Videos and video clips that are within a minute
  • Wide range of collection
  • Quality varies depending on the size of the photo or video
  • Infinite looping clips for online websites


If you’re on the hunt for a site that is popular just for videos, then this is the site. It is different from the other sites mentioned in the article as it is a highly community-based site but also promises its users to offer plenty of stock videos. Since most of their videos are by the community, the quality of the videos vary drastically from one to another- most of them are shot even without a tripod, which gives them a raw and unfinished look. Some of their features include: