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The country of some of the most magnificent landscapes and wonderful structures is available through our footage stock.


Visit the powerful nation of secularism and mesmerizing views through the eyes of the camera lens.


The city of wonders has a lot to offer in terms of beauty and culture, which are now only a few clicks away.

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There wouldn’t be a better way to embellish your videos than by adding the free footages we provide. You are open to choose the various hues of the city from the wide array of options.

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Showcase of design process

How to use stock photos on your website for a great first impression

A lot of people don’t work with photography for a living, but know that creating the right pictures for their website is crucial to making a great first impression. It’s not only about finding stock photos but about choosing the correct ones and tailoring them to your needs. The cold hard truth is that when people choose the wrong pictures for their websites, they face big challenges. Here are some of them:
  • Seeing the pictures they decided on appear everywhere.
  • Creating a page that doesn’t chime with the overall brand.
  • Wasting cash on pictures they aren’t going to use over the long haul.
  • Experiencing legal problems because they didn’t abide by the regulations.
Do these sound like problems you want to bump into? Or are you, like most others, simply trying to expand your company, produce great content, and help your customers? Naturally, it’s possible to invest in professional stock photos. Like the online Teoriprøven from Bestå, have amazing animated photos. However, if you don’t have the funding to do that at the moment, then there are some simple things you can do to make your pictures pop. Here are five tips for how to use stock photos on your website for a great first impression.

Begin with Design

Showcase of design process Before doing anything else, think about the design you want for your page. You can imagine your website as being a pyramid you’re constructing, and the photos are the pharaoh treasures inside. The treasures are important, but they won’t be the only thing deciding how your website will appear. These are some of the things that go into the design:
  • Picture size
  • Picture angles
  • Kinds of pictures
When you’ve locked in your design, it becomes a piece of cake to focus your gaze and choose the right pictures for your website. It’s best to know your preferences before you invest any money in your project.

Decide on the Correct Pictures

Pick stock photos that are on par with the colors you have in your brand and your style. Don’t just pick pictures that appear fantastic but don’t resonate with your brand. Begin with the end (your brand) in mind. When you’ve done this, you won’t swerve from the right path of choosing pictures that will actually look good on your website. It doesn’t matter if the pictures are beautiful; if they don’t match your brand, your followers won’t be able to distinguish your unique personality and color style from that of everybody else, and it will all be very confusing for them. Of course, we also have to mention some of the regulations around pictures you find on the internet: Before you use any photo you find, you have to be certain that your use goes in line with the usage rights for that specific photo. You need to be aware of whether you are allowed to use them to market your website, and how you are supposed to give credit to the person who published the picture.

Tailor Your Pictures

good use of a stock photo A thing which makes this whole process a lot more interesting is that you can tailor your pictures by using overlays and text, and by cropping them to fit your needs. Here are some suggestions for how you can tailor your pictures to make a great first impression:
  • Add overlays in colors that match your logo.
  • Use text to make a unique look or taggable pictures.
  • Crop your pictures in different ways to get more out of them.
  • Insert your services into the pictures to show what you’re offering.
By making use of these tips in your own stock pictures, you will be able to make pictures that your audience will identify as uniquely yours, even if you didn’t take them in the first place!

Optimize Your SEO

Make your pictures ready for good SEO so more people can find your content on the internet. Most of the time, stock photos have name tags that refer to the brand or the person who took the picture. When you buy and download a picture, remember to give it a new name which improves the SEO of your website. This is because using a name that points to a completely another person (the one who took the picture) or company, won’t help you at all.

Ensure Your Own Pictures

If you blend in some of your own pictures into your stock photos, you’ll be able to use stock photos to add some flair to your website while also making a look that is uniquely yours. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete amateur or a great photographer. Rørlegger Bergen – a plumber in Bergen, Norway used just their iPhone to capture some decent pictures for their website. Using stock photos on your website is a really smart way for making a great first impression on the people who come to visit. And when they do come, they will be astonished.  
Europe Stock Footage

Top Europe Stock Footage Site 2020

We all know the advantage of a well-placed image in an article or the latest blog, piece or other similar projects. Finding the right video clips and image that suits the subject can be quiet intimidating, especially in the era of copyrights. Of course, you can take your snippets and add it to your price, but life is too short to concentrate on taking an image, rather than marketing your site or blog. Hence, during such times, sites like the European stock footage come into the picture. They have the perfect video clips, and images for both the commercial and personal uses, and the best part- they have no royalty or strings attached, and they’re available free of cost.

We’ve jotted down the top European Stock footage site in this article. Stick around to find out!



They are an application and an online site that provides the best free, royalty-free stock images. The features of this site are:

  • No necessary attribution
  • Great quality videos
  • High-quality footage
  • But no 4K video option available.
  • Premium quality stock videos and pictures in the premium account option.

Stock footage for free

This site is equivalent to another site called Unsplash that provides free stock images and videos, again for both the commercial and personal use. They focus on the quality of the images and videos than stocking their library with the ones without them. Some of their features include

  • Too high-quality videos and images
  • Wide range of subjects
  • Temporary login- payment is mandatory after the free trial if you wish to continue the services.
  • No 4K video and image option available.



Pixabay is a site that is famous for providing its customers with extremely high quality of stock video clips and images in the MP4 format. Although it is renowned for its collection of free stock images, it is also equally useful for the video and video clips. You can even download them and use it for your personal uses, with no harsh strings attached. Some of the heir features include:

  • Videos and video clips that are within a minute
  • Wide range of collection
  • Quality varies depending on the size of the photo or video
  • Infinite looping clips for online websites


If you’re on the hunt for a site that is popular just for videos, then this is the site. It is different from the other sites mentioned in the article as it is a highly community-based site but also promises its users to offer plenty of stock videos. Since most of their videos are by the community, the quality of the videos vary drastically from one to another- most of them are shot even without a tripod, which gives them a raw and unfinished look. Some of their features include:


Stock Footages

What are Stock Footages – Everything you need to know

If you’re looking for a source to find the best stock footages and images for personal or commercial use in Europe, then the best way to find those are through online sites. Video production, film making and many other related fields are the prime consumers of the images and videos from the stock footage sites. But if you’re a new fish in the sea, then it is imperative to understand and know what these stock footage images and videos and the idea of sites that provide services are.

What is the stock footage?

Stock footage is video content, a small clip or a shot whose duration is less than a minute, which is generally inserted into the large video production houses, for the sake of advertisement or other professional and business purposes.

In the recent times, may well-known photographers or even common men with a good camera and decent photography and videography skills are selling their work, with the sole idea of helping the ones in need or to make money.

These videographers create generic video content and fit into a wide range of subjects, concepts and styles. This entire concept bundled up in a site is called a stock footage site.


Uses of stock footage sites

  • They’re used in the film industry and most of the filmmakers called them b-roll. Although these shots or video clips are a secondary piece of content for them, they’re still useful in the flow of story-telling for the customers.
  • They’re used by bloggers to add certain aspects or element in their blogs or articles.
  • TV advertisements use them. For instance, if they want to showcase a car company in Europe, then they make use of the stock footages of Europe and fit them into their ad films.

The primary objective of these stock videos is to run a visual flow of the final work or production. They are designed to fit into more massive production, seamlessly.

How to buy stock footages?

There are plenty of ways to buy stock footages – mainly through stock imagery agencies, that include the stock videos in their offers along with the use of media stills and other footages. Many websites, like and others, provide videos of only European landscapes and backgrounds that are mainly royalty-free videos. They also offer images that are of high quality and with no strings attached to them.

However, there are community sites that allow the outsiders or the community members to contribute their videos to the site, for others to download and use. All you have to do is sign up on such sites, create a free account and upload all the videos you want to contribute.

In many of the online sites, you have to buy a license and use their stock video clips. This means you do not buy the clasp itself, but you purchase the rights to use the video clip in your work – either online or offline.